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    Disputes / Claims

    Not all construction projects run smoothly, on time or on budget. When this happens, one party of the building agreement often blames the other party and disputes arise over elements such as quality or quantity of work undertaken and the cost. If this has happened to you, our expert construction dispute consultants at Volarex are able to help. 

    Fortunately, whether you’re a builder or client, you can trust our experts at Volarex to help you reach a construction dispute resolution. Call us today to find out how our consultants can assist you.

    Our experienced construction claims consultants provide advice as to how contracts can be set up and managed to avoid claims. We also offer support in advising how best to deal with claims when they do unavoidably occur.

    Disputes & Claims Services

    Construction disputes arise for all sorts of reasons, but some of the most common are:

    • Contract breaches
    • The quality of the works
    • Delays

    • Poor communication
    • Payments
    • False charges



    We analyse your business to provide a quick initial low cost, low risk, low profile assessment of a potential project.



    A vital part of our work is recognising and identifying potential risks, making and implementing contingency plans, and providing accurate cost control advice throughout your project.