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    Document Drafting

    Volarex know how important legal advice can be and if documents are not drafted and executed correctly the consequences can be catastrophic.


    We can draft bespoke subcontract and purchase order forms and conditions for our clients ongoing use in their business. These are designed to be simple to use, easy for staff to follow, and protective of our Client’s contractual risks. With offices in both London and Manchester, please give us a call to speak to one of our experts 020 8226 5658.

    We can meet all of your legal document drafting requirements at a low cost, leaving you to concentrate on the main aspects of your business. We are also able to help develop business policies and procedures both commercially and operationally, including ISO systems, GDPR and general HR systems

    Our experienced construction claims consultants provide advice as to how contracts can be set up and managed to avoid claims. We also offer support in advising how best to deal with claims when they do unavoidably occur.

    Document Drafting

    Why choose Volarex?

    • Over 15 years of experience
    • Experts in the field of Retention Recovery
    • A proven track record

    • Friendly & Helpful Staff
    • Committed to Quality
    • Satisfaction Guarenteed



    We analyse your business to provide a quick initial low cost, low risk, low profile assessment of a potential project.



    A vital part of our work is recognising and identifying potential risks, making and implementing contingency plans, and providing accurate cost control advice throughout your project.