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Final Accounts

Volarex Consultants can deal with the final account preparation, submission & subsequent agreement on behalf of consultants such as architects including both private and public sector clients.

The final account which we prepare at the end of the project after the practical completion stage is produced in a professional and accurate manner and then presented to the client for review

A Final Account in construction contracts is the agreed statement of the amount of money to be paid at the end of a building contract by the employer to the contractor. A final account brings about a sense of finality to the negotiations leading up to the agreement of the Final Account between the parties to the contract.

Final Accounts

Our Final Accounts services can provide the following:

  • Clear statement showing the contract sum followed by all necessary adjustments to that sum
  • All items fully assessed and adjustments made for variations, provisional sums, re-measured works etc
  • Work carried out on a dayworks basis is included

  • Loss and expense claims / reimbursement accurately assessed and included
  • Fluctuations where applicable are included
  • Confirmation of the contractor’s agreement to final account figure is obtained in writing



We analyse your business to provide a quick initial low cost, low risk, low profile assessment of a potential project.



A vital part of our work is recognising and identifying potential risks, making and implementing contingency plans, and providing accurate cost control advice throughout your project.