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Small Build / House Renovation Estimating


We realise that small builders and home owners do not particularly like, want or fully understand a traditional ‘bill of quantities’ and therefore when we carry out this work, we produce a detailed estimate of builders quantities which includes material scheduling for ordering and a list of labour allowances to monitor project costs.


This service can be expanded into producing a full quotation with terms and conditions (if requested) which can be sent straight to the end client and upon the client’s acceptance, drafting of a simple contract between the parties as maybe required.


To complete this work, we use a leading estimating software package which uses ‘live’ and ‘location based’ material costing which is tailored towards small building works from £10k to £500k in value.


Cost Planning / Feasibility Budgets


Using location specific historic cost data, we are able to provide detailed cost plans and budgets either pre-design or during the early stages of design for all types of project whether it be a home extension, a single dwelling development or a 1000-dwelling development.


Document Drafting


Whether it be tender documentation, scope of works, simple consumer-based contracts, complex business to business contracts, warranties or guarantees, we are able to draft a wide range of project specific or company standard documentation based on my client’s needs. We hold extensive experience in all main forms of consumer and business to business contracts as well has having a sound knowledge in GDPR, construction related insurances and of course, the actual building and construction process.


Pre-Contract / Procurement


We are able to offer full pre-contract and procurement services for any project which may require it, including PQQ production, project specific tender enquiries, supply chain vetting, project risk appraisals and tender evaluations, along with all the other functions you would expect of a experienced quantity surveyor.


Traditional Estimating / Tendering


As well as offering Small Build / House Renovation Estimating tailored towards the specific needs and wants of small building companies and developers, we are also able to offer more traditional estimating services to all of our clients. Measuring to any standard as required by the client including CESMM 4, NRM 2, SMM7 or MMHW, we am able to measure, produce and price bills of quantities for estimating, tendering or build purposes.


We are able to ‘take off’ quantities both electronically using Bluebeam and VectorCAD or more traditionally by-hand as required.
Aside from the services mentioned above, which I believe would be of most benefit to your individual business. I am also able to offer the following services;


• Disputes & Claims advice • Contract reviews

• On site quantity surveying • Risk management

• Late Payment / Retention reclaim • Final accounts


Building Works


I have an extremely good working relationship with a trusted general builder, who has 30+ years’ experience within the industry to undertake general building, groundwork and basement projects ranging from £10k to £1 million in value. I am happy to share the contact details with any clients on a pro-bono basis, equally I am able to accept and competitively tender for works on his behalf.

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